Protests and strikes in Greece over a railway accident that killed at least 42 people. / CNN

Space organizations are considering giving the moon its own time zone. / Sky News

Drivers in the United States killed 3,434 people on foot in the first six months of 2022, an 18% increase over the number of walkers who died in early 2019. / StreetsBlog

A fire expert says California experiences two kinds of wildfires, and they're on the rise for different reasons. / Knowable Magazine

The recent train disaster in Ohio represents "the tip of a chemical iceberg that supports many of our lives." / Material World

See also: Ohio's archaeological heritage can be traced by finding electromagnetic remnants in the dirt. / MIT Technology Review

Gen Z workers complain of experiencing "tech shame," feeling overwhelmed at using basic office tools instead of smartphones. / The Guardian

In the past year, nine out of 10 kidnappings in Brazil's São Paulo occurred after a date was arranged through Tinder and similar apps. / rest of world

A Twitter thread to explain why it's not (yet) time to fear an imminent AI apocalypse and certain doom. / Twitter

During the past decade, the study of English and history at a college level has fallen by a third (and seems to keep falling). / The New Yorker

Supposedly the "it" coat this winter was an ill-fitting puffy jacket patterned with farfalle. / The New York Times

A sampling from a list of the 100 best lists of all time. / Kottke

Your weekly weird data set: A study of 129 coconut samples tapped uniformly on their ridges. / Mendeley Data