Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: Nicholas Sparks and who?

A proposal to speed up herd immunity to the coronavirus gets White House attention “but appalls top scientists.” / The Washington Post

See also: “Which states had the best pandemic response?” / POLITICO

Paris and other French cities enter a curfew to curb the virus’s rapid spread. / BBC News

Helen Branswell: Seven looming questions about the rollout of a Covid-19 vaccine. / STAT

Johnson & Johnson and Eli Lilly have both paused trials for their vaccines. / NPR

Joe Biden and President Trump will participate in separate televised town halls tonight. / CNN

Nate Silver’s model has been skeptical about Biden’s chances in Georgia, “but that may no longer be true.” / FiveThirtyEight

A list of things causing anxiety among Democratic partisans, particularly political professionals. / The New York Times

An overview of the "wild scenarios" that may play out, even if Biden wins the popular vote and Electoral College. / BuzzFeed News

Cindy Sherman, Ed Ruscha, and other photographers are selling $150 prints to fight voter suppression. / Colossal

Trump’s “Obamagate” scandal falls apart, though conservative media doesn’t notice, now obsessed with Rudy Giuliani’s mysterious hard drive. / The Washington Post, Vox

“This seems like a case where Twitter and Facebook, through their unfathomable clumsiness, are going to make the story a much bigger deal than it is." / Twitter

A conservative website is using a network of pro-Trump Facebook groups and pages to pump out articles riddled with conspiracy theories. / Media Matters

“The results were like a car crash between Nicholas Sparks and Mein Kampf.” Writer Talia Lavin spent a year catfishing white supremacists online. / Vanity Fair

In New Hampshire, an eccentric libertarian dream called the “Free Town Project” died, in part, because of bears. / The New Republic

Despite the pandemic and a recession, Goldman Sachs’s third-quarter profit nearly doubled from last year, with quarterly profit of $3.62 billion on revenue of $10.78 billion. / The Wall Street Journal

With alexithymia, a person is unable to register or recognize emotions. / The New York Times

The stories of five men who died before the age of 50, all of them linebackers for USC in 1989. / Sports Illustrated

There’s been a second sighting of a person wearing a jetpack near Los Angeles International Airport. / The Los Angeles Times

Photographs of the Great Salt Lake’s colorful salt pans taken from the International Space Station. / Atlas Obscura