Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: Night of the living shed

The world's three main greenhouse gasses hit record high levels last year in the atmosphere. / The Associated Press

New York City wants to use sunken basketball courts to soak up tomorrow's extreme rain. / Grist

Meanwhile, the "shed insurgency" of New York City dining, where restaurants built cabanas on the street during lockdown, isn't going anywhere. / New York Magazine

Nearly 70 percent of Republican voters think the House of Representatives should impeach President Biden. / The Atlantic

Unrelated/related: Many physicists admit they do not believe the particles they're paid to search for exist; they do it because their colleagues are doing it. / The Guardian

Stoked by the war in Ukraine, Shell posts its second-highest profit on record, of $9.45 billion. / CNBC

Facebook warns that its Reality Labs metaverse business will lose even more money in 2023. / Business Insider

Bloomberg devotes an entire issue to a story about crypto (like they did with Paul Ford's incredible story about code). / Bloomberg

Neiman Marcus's Christmas catalog this year includes a $330,000 Barbie Maserati. / Fashionista

Some tips from a reporter who underwent an "identity theft nightmare." / The Los Angeles Times

See also: In the raid-based economy that coalesced in the reign of Ramses IX, "thieves and their accomplices had the most tradable goods." / Lapham's Quarterly

Today's AI writing tools can produce college-level essays that earn passing grades. Should assignments change to respond? / Inside Higher Ed

A new study finds bees capable of electrifying air by as much as 1000 volts per meter, or more than a thunderstorm. / Live Science