Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: No country for cold apps.

Jersey City officials say the shootings at a Jewish kosher deli on Tuesday were a "targeted attack."

Trump signs an executive order prohibiting federal funding for colleges and universities that allow anti-Semitism. Opponents of the order say it would "have a chilling effect on free speech and...crack down on campus critics of Israel."

“The concerns of a member of Congress focused on political messaging aren’t the concerns of a prosecutor.” A review of trade-offs made in the Democrats’ draft articles of impeachment.

Based on "The Afghanistan Papers," Democrats call for public hearings, perhaps aligning with Trump's desire to withdraw.

An hour-by-hour guide on what to watch for in the UK elections this afternoon and tonight.

Related: UK politicians have been all too willing to spread disinformation in the run-up to elections.

"American ignorance is one thing; imperial arrogance is another." Brexit looks different if you grew up during the Troubles.

Last night, Texas executed a man whose trial included incorrect testimony that possibly played a role in giving him the death penalty.

A comprehensive dataset on everyone sentenced to die in active death penalty jurisdictions since 1976.

Amid a year-long fire crisis, now with about 100 blazes around New South Wales, Sydney reaches its smokiest levels yet.

The Arctic may have crossed a major tipping point in carbon emissions.

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater debuts a new work that's "an ode to gun violence in America."

Greta Thunberg is Time's 2019 Person of the Year, the youngest person ever by almost a decade.

“Will a Nigerian schoolgirl protagonist written by a ninth-decade white Irish novelist be seen by the future as the equivalent of Olivier’s Othello?” Patricia Lockwood reviews Edna O’Brien’s new novel about Boko Haram.

Forty-one sports moments from the year, like when Kobe Bryant disparaged a young girl for missing a game.

Students: If a syllabus says “Quiz 1 is 10% of your final grade,” logically you could just take off the rest of the semester.

Video: A public dataset of 37,921 portraits culled from yearbooks from 115 American high schools in 26 states between 1905 and 2013 were used to chart the rise and fall of “big hair.”

Free shipping is a myth that hurts small businesses, but a persuasive one. Without it, online shoppers feel nickel-and-dimed.

“They were hungry, and as they feasted the rib bones cracked with a haunted resonance that echoed across the flat breaks into the canyon and mingled with the thunder roiling in the coming blackness.” A Chili’s menu rendered in the manner of Cormac McCarthy.

A brief history of Christmas Tree Lane and its more than 10,000 lightbulbs.