Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: No falling trees unheard.

Israel becomes the first country where vaccinations are beginning to drive down Covid numbers. / BuzzFeed News

The side effects of the Covid vaccine's second dose are a feature, not a bug. / The Atlantic

Anti-vaxxers are using a long-standing database of vaccine side effects to spread misinformation about Covid immunizations. / VICE

After standing aside as its platform facilitated genocide in Myanmar, Facebook announces it will try and protect those opposing the military coup. / BuzzFeed News

See also: Myanmar's military government is now blocking access to Facebook. / Associated Press

Parler CEO John Matze has been fired by the company's board, which is controlled by Rebekah Mercer. / Reuters

Canada has officially classified the Proud Boys as a terrorist group. / The Washington Post

Several Etsy vendors are selling high-capacity ammunition magazines and other gun accessories with militia emblems. / The Markup

Under an FTC settlement, Amazon must pay nearly $62 million to Amazon Flex drivers for stealing their tips. / Recode

Preliminary results show the Arctic subsea permafrost is in a state of "progressive degradation" from climate change. / VICE

To correct course on the environment, Biden must act fast. Reversing Trump's rollbacks could take years that we don't have. / NPR

Listen to a random forest. / Tree.fm

Schumer and McConnell have reached a Senate power-sharing deal that will ensure Democrats are, in Schumer's words, "holding the gavels." / The Hill

Architectural historian Barry Lewis, well known for his walking tours of New York City, has died at 75. / The New York Times

See also: "When I was a kid I walked over every bridge and took every subway line to the end (and actually got out to see what was there)." Our interview with Lewis from 2002. / The Morning News

Paper airplanes collected by Harry Everett Smith between 1961 and 1983. / Moss and Fog

Obvious Plant's subversive toys are a comment on capitalism and today's drudgery. / Colossal

Watch: A real-time, four-hour orbit around the moon constructed by Seán Doran using archival photos. / The Morning News

In a roundup of groundhog predictions, most called for an early spring—Punxsutawney Phil was a notable outlier. / Reddit

Actors playing multiple roles in a Romeo and Juliet production wear different Covid-compliant face masks to identify their character. / Quartz

The 1931 Spanish-language Dracula—filmed alongside the Bela Lugosi movie, but at night—is better than its counterpart. / The Guardian

Sacred Bones Records will release a toddler's debut album that was recorded using "biosonic MIDI" while she was still in the womb. / Pitchfork

Vintage graphic design works from the Internet Archive. / archives.design