Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: No fun

Climate disasters and war displaced a record 71.1 million people worldwide last year. / Reuters

Title 42 expires tonight, ending a rule that made it easier for the US to send migrants back to Mexico. Officials believe attempted border crossings are poised to skyrocket. / BBC News

Related: Anticipating an influx of migrants, New York City is pausing rules that provide shelter to anyone who needs it. / The New York Times

Though inflation in the US has now reached a two-year low, prices continue to rise, "underscoring how difficult slowing the economy down has become." / The Washington Post

With the end of BuzzFeed News, (maybe) VICE, and now MTV News, the future of "fun" news outlets—for writers and readers—certainly feels bleak. / The Walrus

See also: When it launched 36 years ago, the MTV News format of inserting journalism into entertainment spaces became the model for social publishers 20 years later. / Garbage Day

"In the age of IP, the writing has already happened." Hollywood's long and steady path toward devaluing writers. / Fast Company

Heather Armstrong, aka Dooce, has died at 47. She inspired countless writers in countless ways, and was instrumental in establishing blogging as a real and meaningful medium. Rest in peace. / Dooce.com, Associated Press

Artist Frank Kozik, legendary for his 1990s music posters for Soundgarden, Nirvana, and others, died last week at 61. / Kotaku

The Biden administration is introducing a rule that will force fossil fuel power plants to shut down unless they reduce 90% of their emissions by 2040. / POLITICO

Why we still don't understand what causes labor: biology, yes, and also chronically underfunded pregnancy research. / Vox

Many popular contact lens brands sold in the US contain such high concentrations of organic fluorine that they're "almost pure PFAS." / The Guardian

"Often-interesting reviews of 2,600+ singles and album tracks by some guy." / MetaFilter