Headlines Edition, Y'all

Thursday headlines: No it did not.

Gordon Sondland, US Ambassador to the European Union, says there was a quid pro quo with Ukraine and “everyone was in the loop.”

Fiona Hill, Trump's former Russia aide, plans to warn Republican lawmakers to not push politically driven falsehoods “that so clearly advance Russian interests.”

In the fifth Democratic primary debate, the candidates largely avoided criticizing one another.

At the same time, Biden claimed the only African-American woman ever elected to the US Senate supports him—seeming to forget that Senator Harris was standing on stage.

See also: Biden’s campaign sent a post-debate email hours prior to the debate with the subject: “Did I Make You Proud?”

Hong Kong's protests are said to be leaderless but participants say they’re "leader-full," with plenty of self-starting individuals.

News of riots and civilian deaths in Tehran is slowly leaking out after protests erupt over a sharp increase in gas prices.

A deep dive into what happens when a state's attorney reduces unnecessary prosecutions for low-level, non-violent crime.

Fifty-one stories suggest the “lazy millennial” myth was created by boomer parents who actually rely on their kids for help.

A day in the life of test prep for the children of Coachella headliners and the über-rich.

A detailed study of black professionals details the costs and upsides of code-switching in the workplace.

Susan Choi wins the National Book Award for her novel Trust Exercise.

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The benefits from tech progress are accruing to “infovores,” writers, and other people with a taste for novelty.

The “flight shame” movement is gaining momentum, but what if nature-based tourism is a solution to the climate crisis?

Coldplay won’t do a global tour for their new album until it can be “environmentally beneficial.”

To promote walking, cycling, and ride-sharing, a new rental community in Arizona doesn't allow residents to park cars on site.

Something new in the cleantech world, backed by Bill Gates: a zero-carbon way of generating high-temperature heat for industry.

A new podcast, "How to Do the Pot," responds to women’s most-Googled cannabis questions.

Organizers of South Dakota's new anti-drug campaign—"Meth. We're on it." —say they're getting exactly the attention they want.

Your weekly white paper: A study finds that many, many matches are required for only a few Tinder meet-ups, and almost zero one-night stands.

After her recent infamous US Open final, Serena Williams gave her broken racket to a ball boy, who later sold it for $500. It may fetch $50,000 at auction.