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Thursday Headlines: Not playing with a full tech

In an effort to return war powers to Congress, the Senate votes to repeal the 2002 resolution that led to the invasion of Iraq as well as the 1991 Gulf War authorization. / Associated Press

How much would it cost to pay the Russian Army to defect? About $20 billion. / Model Thinking

David Runciman: The problem is that democracy and capitalism don't much like each other any more. / The London Review of Books

Bing Chat will soon serve up ads as part of its responses. / Quartz

As of March 23, more than 118,000 US tech workers have been laid off in 2023. / Crunchbase

"This is like putting EpiPens, defibrillators out in the community." The FDA has approved Narcan for over-the-counter sale. / BuzzFeed News

Scientists develop the first mRNA vaccine that is 100 percent effective against plague bacteria. / The Times of Israel

Among the reasons it's hard to find Adderall right now: "It's important to remember that while this is a popular drug for ADHD, it's also a medication for narcolepsy." / Slate

New research may give geneticists a targeted protein delivery device. / STAT

"Wordle has more daily active users than the crossword puzzle, sudoku, or Spelling Bee, according to the Times, though it would not share exact numbers." / The Verge

An interactive explanation of how a bicycle works. / Bartosz Ciechanowski

See also: How a sign painter paints a window. / The Kid Should See This

The portion of music artists who failed to follow-up their first hit has been relatively constant for two decades, but rose in 2020. / Billboard

Learning how to catalog properly is an essential part of bookselling, "though exactly what constitutes 'properly' will change depending on who you ask." / LitHub

It's Opening Day for Major League Baseball, and this season four big rule changes are being implemented with the intent of speeding up games. / ESPN

Tomorrow is the championship match in the 2023 Tournament of Books, presented by Field Notes. Catch up on all the action before it ends! / The Tournament of Books