Headlines Edition!

Thursday headlines: One giant act of trolling.

Hurricane Michael, with maximum sustained winds at 155 miles per hour, is close to a Category 5 storm, the most severe on the scale.

"This is the worst storm the Florida Panhandle has seen in more than 100 years," said Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

European shares fall to their lowest level in 20 months after yesterday’s rout on Wall Street.

A fact-check of Trump's USA Today "Medicare for All" op-ed finds a false or misleading statement in almost every sentence.

Another baffling tweet from President Trump, this time because he didn't understand a joke on Fox & Friends.

The trail of clues in the vanishing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, who remains missing a week after he disappeared inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.

Trump is reluctant to punish Saudi Arabia if the kingdom is found to be responsible for Khashoggi’s death.

George Will: “Trump’s presidency is one giant act of trolling.”

As Los Angeles seizes 111 weapons from owners forbidden from holding them, California remains the only state to do so.

Economist Lawrence Summers gets an education during a road trip through the mountain West.

A quick explanation of why the carbon tax proposed by William Nordhaus—now a Nobel Prize-winner—is relatively modest.

Your weekly white paper: A study finds that Britons who prefer realistic paintings strongly support Brexit.

In Britain, the number of young adults who don't touch alcohol increased from 18% in 2005 to 29% in 2015.

Airport police in India, said to be excessively friendly, will move from a "broad smile system" to a "sufficient smile system."

Some illustrated visions of space and the future from Japan in the '70s and '80s.

The world's longest nonstop flight goes from Singapore to New York over the span of 19 hours.

Fitness bands and Apple watches can detect heartbeats in things like bananas and toilet paper. That doesn't mean they're necessarily flawed.

A new take on life after death: "plastination," where fluids and soluble fat are replaced with resin, silicon rubber, and epoxy.

Try blowing up a balloon in under a tenth of a second. It’s pretty much impossible. Now try doing the same thing for a larger bag in even less time. You can’t do that with air. The only answer is an explosion that produces a gas to fill the airbag. A few notes on the remarkable physics of airbags.

A gecko took charge of a hospital phone in Hawaii and made "a bazillion" calls with "his tiny gecko feet."

Most kickers and punters in Division I college football are white. The same goes for kickers at historically black colleges.

Actor Daniel Radcliffe joins the New Yorker’s fact-checking department for a day.

“A singer devoid of personality." Notes from an early audition for the BBC by one of David Bowie's first bands.