Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Only mostly dead.

The Senate voted almost unanimously for the US to approve Finland and Sweden's entry into NATO. / Politico

Biden signs an executive order that would use Medicaid to protect interstate travel for abortion access. / Associated Press

"If any feminist progress is going to prompt outrage and resistance from misogynists, then feminists have just as much to lose from tepid steps as they do from big ones." / Men Yell at Me

"The Sonoran Desert isn't an untouched wilderness. It's a massive unmarked grave." A trip to the most surveilled place in America. / The Verge

Ukrainians accuse Russia of kidnapping their children and putting them up for adoption. / BuzzFeed News

Six months after her arrest, Brittney Griner has been sentenced to nine years of jail time by a Russian court. / CNN

A day after Pelosi's visit, China fires missiles near Taiwan in its biggest ever military exercises, which appear to be practice for sealing off the island. / Reuters, The New York Times

From Pelosi to Russian oligarchs to Taylor Swift, how online flight trackers have become tools to break news. / Motherboard

In a new paper, a group of Yale scientists announce they were able to reanimate the organ cells in dead pigs, and restore a heartbeat. / The New York Times

Shark attacks in the summer of 1916 may have swayed votes that November—and the same could be true this year. / Vox

"You'll never see that movie, which included the return of Michael Keaton as Batman." HBO Max is removing multiple Warner Bros. movies for tax write-offs. / IndieWire

An archaeologist hypothesizes that some Mayan rulers' incinerated remains may have been mixed with rubber to make balls for the game of pelota. / BBC News

As with previous virtual bands like Gorillas or Alvin and the Chipmunks, the point of Bored Ape bands isn't whether they're good, but if they're successful. / Dirt

See also: The disastrous record of celebrity crypto endorsements. / Bloomberg

"Their diagonalized bodies, and Morant's look of empty despair, share resonances." A profile on the curator of ArtsButMakeItSports. / Hyperallergic

Delving into A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (1785). / Atlas Obscura