Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: Percent planning

The president of Tokyo 2020 says the Olympics will go ahead “100 percent,” though perhaps without spectators. / BBC News

American and Southwest Airlines won’t resume serving alcohol until passengers stop attacking their flight attendants. / Food & Wine

Movie theater chain AMC offers free popcorn to retail investors in response to its soaring stock price. / MarketWatch

In case you missed it, Africa Is a Country has been doing a good series of posts and videos about Nairobi's "everyday capitalism." / Africa Is a Country

In St. Louis, with the highest rate of police killings in the country, fatal police shooting investigations mostly go nowhere. / The Intercept

The ATF lets gun dealers get away with falsifying records and selling firearms without background checks. / The Trace

As oil and gas giants shift away from fossil fuels, their most polluting assets continue to operate but with less transparency. / The New York Times

Pollution on the London Underground is said to be 20 times worse than aboveground. Thus, someone invented a wearable air purifier. / dezeen

Some good footage of animals safely crossing highways via recently constructed paths. / The New York Times

See also: What it's like to be a bird paramedic in a city full of skyscrapers. / New York Magazine

A day in the life of Texas “bee whisperer” Erika Thompson includes extracting a hive from a toilet. / The Morning News

Venturing outdoors always involves confronting the elements. They shouldn’t include society’s worst traits. / Early Majority

If days are feeling a little surreal at present: sketches and paintings from Bruce Wymer. / It's Nice That

Kyle Chayka used the pandemic to resume drawing. "Something about that form of sustained attention became more meaningful to me." / ARTnews

Camp ToB ‘21 is in session! Week one begins with a conversation about Patricia Lockwood’s latest book and the rise of “internet novels.” / The Morning News