Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Pity little liars

Hamas says it's prepared to repeat October's attack on Israel over and over until the country no longer exists. / The Toronto Sun

In the first days of the Israel-Hamas war, 15 people have been killed every hour in Gaza, six of whom are children. / Al Jazeera

Zack Beauchamp: Israelis aren't rallying around their prime minister—they're rallying against him. / Vox

See also: "Joe Biden and top aides have discussed the likelihood that Benjamin Netanyahu's political days are numbered." / Politico

Hamas's tunnel network under Gaza is believed to extend for hundreds of miles. / New York Magazine

Unrelated: Paris's extensive system of catacombs is home to illegal raves. / Atlas Obscura

"Like eating the menu instead of the food in a restaurant." Inside the world of analytic-based art collecting. / The Baffler

Every year Texas plugs more than a thousand forsaken oil wells, and every year a similar number are abandoned. / Texas Monthly

Regarding yesterday's link about fusion: "All the decades of slow, dogged progress seem to have passed a tipping point." / Knowable Magazine

Deception researchers say lying tends to be rare, except in the case of a small group of frequent liars. / The Conversation

Max Read clarifies what Elon Musk gets wrong about Blade Runner. / Read Max

Watch: To create their new song, the Beatles revived an old John Lennon demo using the software Peter Jackson employed for the Get Back documentary. / YouTube

A preservationist saves a collection of 4,000 glass plates spanning the 1860s to the 1930s. / Colossal