Headlines edition y'all

Thursday headlines: Placebo buttons and the toil of glamour.

From Chicago to Australia, more greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere increase the chances of abnormal temperatures.

See also: “Yes, fire is used to keep Chicago trains running in the cold.”

Pictures of Australia's January heat wave, which follows the warmest December on record.

Equipment owned by California’s three largest utilities ignited more than 2,000 fires in 3.5 years. They were fined nine times.

Your weekly white paper: Last year we threw away 48.5 million tons of e-waste—the world's fastest-growing waste stream.

Prime Minister Theresa May heads back to the EU to try to win concessions for a better Brexit deal.

When Trump's FCC killed net neutrality, it promised investment, job creation, and broadband growth in underserved areas. Alas.

President Trump calls his intelligence agencies “naive.” At the same time, he seems to ignore the points where he and the agencies agree.

Senate Republicans to rebuke Trump today and try to take back some of the Senate’s power over shaping foreign policy.

Trump will spend the rest of his life “trying to demonstrate that he was right about whatever it was that he said or did before.”

On Malcolm Gladwell's recent reporting on pot and schizophrenia: "a smorgasbord of logical fallacies and data-free fear-mongering."

Emergency calls to veterinarians are up 765% thanks to the popularity of weed edibles.

In cities across America, the odds that the police will solve a shooting are ”abysmally low and dropping.”

Why are millennials so unhappy? Because performative workaholism—aka, "toil glamour"—is now a lifestyle, despite its empty rewards.

RIP Florence Knoll Bassett, the designer who made office space a conscious artistic statement.

Placebo buttons at road crossings, like in NYC, make it harder for pedestrians to believe real ones actually exist, like in LA.

"It’s no small feat to write to me." An interview with the guy behind the stories on Instagram's "The Aids Memorial."

iRobot unveils the Terra, a lawn-cutting robot with Roomba-like controls.

Amazon Prime's movie library is more than 4.5x bigger than that of Netflix, but with far fewer titles that people actually like.

Chef Roy Choi finally responds to the bad press around the closure of his healthy-fast-food concept restaurant.