Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Plead, pleaded, pleading.

Trump's tweet about the murder of South African farmers—which are at a 20-year low—and land expropriation is a popular conspiracy theory among white nationalists who want to push the threat of "white genocide."

The close of trading in New York yesterday officially marked the longest bull market in history.

Market analysts dispute Trump's prediction of a crash if he's impeached—indicators continue to signal strength, and the GOP tax bill remains a larger influence than his presidency.

In declaring that he thinks “it’s very sad what they’ve done to Paul Manafort,” the president sent the message to the jury that the federal government is engaged in an illegitimate prosecution. Convicting Manafort is a violation of the unwritten rules that protect people like him, and like Trump.

Useful right now: "It's plead, pleaded, pleading. AP style advises against using the colloquial past tense form, pled."

Hurricane Lane, a Category 4 cyclone, is bearing down on Oahu, and is expected to make landfall today and tomorrow.

Photos taken from the International Space Station of Hurricane Lane in the Pacific Ocean.

Russia is looking for a nuclear-powered missile it misplaced somewhere in the Barents Sea last November.

The Central African Republic has signed an agreement with Russia to expand military cooperation, just weeks after three Russian journalists were murdered while investigating Russia's role in training military personnel.

On Tuesday the DNC alerted the FBI of a suspected phishing attempt to access its voter database.

“To date, it was simply the fastest-propagating piece of malware we’ve ever seen. By the second you saw it, your data center was already gone.” How Russia’s cyberattack targeting Ukraine quickly spread, causing $10 billion in damages worldwide.

This week Facebook removed more than 600 fake political accounts and pages originating from Russia and Iran.

Facebook is covertly rating users who flag fake news—which is how such a system needs to operate to be effective.

Verizon throttled California firefighters' internet during wildfire—to the point it had "no meaningful" use.

Vaccine skepticism among wellness fanatics and populists have caused a huge uptick in measles cases in Europe.

Task-based management—often credited to Taylorism—borrowed from slavers' methods.

A new bill could accelerate the transfer of NIH-owned chimps out of laboratories and into sanctuaries.

Video: A timelapse of the Rolling Stones aging alongside their music, from 1962 to today.