Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Please send amulets.

A US Coast Guard lieutenant and self-proclaimed white nationalist has been arrested for illegally stockpiling weapons with the intent of launching a terrorist attack targeting media figures and Democratic politicians.

The Supreme Court has ruled there are constitutional limits on civil forfeiture, in which states seize cash and other private property used in crimes—sometimes minor—as a means of revenue.

Video: From 2014, John Oliver has a good primer on civil forfeiture and how it's being abused.

“We’re realizing more and more that whatever benefits that we get, there’s always a ‘but’ to it... So, yes, we had a black president, but now we have a racist white president. We’re not living in a post-racial society. We just elected a black president. That’s all we did.” African-American millennials are expected to be emblematic of a “post-racial society,” but it’s a sham.

A former Trump 2016 campaign staffer has filed a class-action lawsuit arguing the nondisclosure and nondisparagement agreements all staffers had to sign were illegal.

Antiabortion groups, for example, used the technology to track women who entered waiting rooms of abortion clinics in more than a half dozen cities... and push ads touting alternatives to abortion. Your phone apps legally sell your data to outside groups who use geofencing to know your exact location, now and in the past.

No trust issues here: profiles of the couples who GPS-track one another (with permission).

A new wave of "living off the land" malware—which employs small scripts in legitimate files—is quietly stealing user credentials.

A proposal for a dataset "nutrition label" with the goal of improving algorithms and making them more inclusive.

Predicting the end of drugstores, some new CVS and Walgreens stores are becoming health and wellness clinics.

The wearable EKG offers the comforting weight of medicine itself, worn on the wrist like an amulet warding off evil.

Following the FDA statement that young-blood transfusions offer no benefits to the aging, one such startup has already shut down.

A study finds a daily 30-minute morning walk could lower blood pressure as effectively as medication.

Related: The number of push-ups you can do today may predict your future heart health.

Recent paintings by Dario Maglionico are ultra-realistic, except for the people caught between dimensions.

Watch: Iranian postage stamps come to life in a video based on Sara Jamshidi's Project M.

I was in my late ’40s, and I had never been anything other than a subsistence worker my entire life. I have a management team now... I’ve got a CFO. Who the hell am I to have a CFO? Stories of people who experienced financial windfalls, and how they used the money.

See also: Two dozen people—a banker, a sex worker, “the World’s First Publicly Traded Person”—tell us the best use for a dollar.

Each segment of Yi Dai's Tide Table paintings is made from a single ink drop that spreads organically through the paper.

Music genres—1,500 of them—described by the most common words in their titles.

Whenever I have some time to myself, I panic. Unstructured time—especially spent alone—is phenomenally rare in my life and I feel an overwhelming obligation to make good use of it. I should get some laundry done. Meal prep. Ask each item in my dresser if it brings me joy. Our current everything-is-a-hustle era has ruined the purpose of hobbies.