Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Please wait a decade or two for justice.

Trump sends mixed signals to the nearly 700,000 Dreamers, saying he would be open to citizenship after "10 to 12 years," just days after killing a bipartisan plan—in his "shithole" meeting—that offered a path to citizenship.

Dara Lind on Twitter: "It is unconscionable that a president whose media consumption is so heavy, and his media habits so well-known, should be so offensively ignorant about the human impact of the decisions he is making."

In the wake of the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal, in which the former USA Gymnastics team doctor molested more than 160 women, Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon resigns. The first allegations against Nassar emerged nearly 20 years ago, and at least 14 MSU officials were aware of them.

Watch these powerful videos from the trial of Larry Nassar, who was sentenced to 175 years in prison: "You have not yet owned what you did."

Trump says he's "looking forward" to speaking under oath in the Russia inquiry, instantly sending his legal team into damage-control mode.

Analysts say Trump's huge solar panel tariffs will create few jobs and hurt US businesses that are going solar.

“What do you think, Ursula? I asked her in my head. Were you predicting anything? Not exactly, she answered. It’s a thought experiment. But then, so is our society.” Margaret Atwood eulogizes Ursula K. Le Guin.

The four Ursula K. Le Guin novels to kickstart your imminent binge.

Evictions in the US appear to be on the rise, thanks to gentrification, rising rents, and stagnating incomes.

Trump's hatred of sharks plus people's hatred of Trump equals a spike in donations to shark charities.

Archaeologists may have located the wreck of the Clotilda, the last ship to bring slaves to America.

With an immigration debate that plays straight into his xenophobic wheelhouse, Tucker Carlson is having a moment.

Too many Nazis: BuzzFeed News identifies the 1,700-plus Twitter accounts that are banned in various countries.

Over the past 30 years, a DJ/music supervisor—and research fan—amassed the world's largest collection of magazines.

Jack White will require concertgoers to lock their phones in a pouch and choose between having fun and watching him.

Video: Lines, shapes, and sound align in this spectacular short by Hugo & Marie.

Organic foods are booming and avocados are everywhere: The hippies won, and no one noticed.

Recreating ancient Roman foods offers a new way to understand what daily life was truly like.

Nina Dodd knits clothing to blend photographer Joseph Ford's subjects seamlessly into their backgrounds.

Understandably, not a lot of love for "Metalhead": a comparison of Black Mirror episodes' IMDB ratings.

Artist Gustavo Viselner's pixelated scenes from popular TV shows.