Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: Poly mass index

China cancels a growing number of flights from the United States because of passengers who later test positive for Covid-19. / Reuters

One woman in a locked-down China city is locked in with a blind date. / BBC News

Kazakhstan's protests in six objects, from a Birkin bag to bitcoin. / 1843 Magazine

Due to supply chain woes, Norway asks conscripts to return their military-issued underwear so other soldiers can wear them. / The Associated Press

Omicron appears to be peaking in places where it first arrived in the US, with dramatic surges flattening. / The New York Times

"Working together to control the virus should have been the ultimate shared goal." Is America too polarized for common sacrifice? / The New Yorker

Nearly half of Kroger grocery workers say they borrowed money last year to afford basic needs. A third skipped meals. / Buzzfeed News

China's Chang'E-5 lander provides the first evidence of in-situ detection of water on the Moon. / Phys.org

Unrelated: The world's only museum of tiny wet wipes runs out of an office in a Michigan planetarium. / CBC Radio

Thirty-nine "presumed combatants" remain at Guantanamo Bay—at a cost of $540 million per year—because no one has yet figured out "a politically acceptable way to deal with them." / Lawfare

A Q&A with Mansoor Adayfi, who wrote a memoir while in Guantanamo on scraps of paper hidden under his mattress. / Guernica

A new database shows more than 1,700 congressmen in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries owned humans at some point. / The Washington Post

"Solo polyamory," recently popularized by Willow Smith, refers to somebody seeing themselves as their own primary partner. / Screenshot

Watch: A horde of giant eagle rays, some of whom weigh over a ton, can leap six feet out of the water. / The Morning News

Some other things we liked on the internet yesterday: drawings of root systems; reviews of chocolate; radio stations around the world. / Wageningen University, Flavors of Cacao, Radio Browser

From 2010, builders compete to build the best earthquake-proof toothpick tower. / Kottke