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Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Proditomania.

White House officials say they're planning to replace Tillerson with Pompeo, whose role as CIA head would be filled by Tom Cotton.

Among our endangered English words: “proditomania,” the feeling that everyone around you is a traitor.

In other news today, Trump has more inflammatory tweets and more famous men are receiving their deserved comeuppance over inappropriate sexual behavior. (This morning it's Russell Simmons.) You probably know all that by now, so rather than give you more of it, we'll keep this edition short.

If you watch nothing else today, make it this: A brief, magnificent video of starlings flying in “murmurations,” dense, undulating—well, murmuring—swarms.

On Monday Trump will travel to Utah, where he's expected to end protection of many sacred Native American sites.

“They see that Trump got elected, that there’s an audience for this stuff. They know that their platforms are expanding, that the traffic on their websites is growing.” An interview with a man who went undercover inside Europe’s alt-right, where the media is the battleground—for now.

Russia could face a 2018 Olympic ban over a sports doc's diaries that reveal the extent of the doping scandal.

“[Max Keiser] suggests that Americans will have to learn to live on $3,000 or $4,000 a year, ‘or give in to your Chinese overlords.’ His guest agrees with him. On RT, everybody agrees with everybody.” A Western journalist spends a week watching RT.

Americans' low reading comprehension is due to a lack of knowledge, not internet-addled attention spans.

Scientists learn fertilization in reproduction isn't random, overturning the assumption eggs are passive players.

As long as there are humans, autonomous cars may never happen.

When ambulance companies and insurers can't agree on prices, patients are stuck with paying huge bills (or dying).

To tear down huts illegally built inside an elephant sanctuary, Indian authorities used elephants.