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Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: Rage, explained

In February, Trump told Bob Woodward he knew exactly how deadly the virus was, and in March, admitted he kept that knowledge from the public. / Vox

Related: A list of unfiltered moments from Woodward’s new book. / CNN

For Joe Biden, the revelation is a "life-and-death betrayal.” Carl Bernstein, Woodward’s former reporting partner, says it’s worse than Watergate. / NPR, Business Insider

Woodward defends his position to withhold Trump’s virus comments until now. / The Associated Press

If the US had Canada’s COVID-19 death rate, 100,000 more Americans would likely be alive. / Vox

An assessment of eight battleground states for November’s election. / Politico

To court votes in Florida, Trump calls himself the greatest environmentalist president since Teddy Roosevelt. / The New York Times

Judges confirmed under Trump are staking out positions farther to the right of their Republican peers. / BuzzFeed News

A new whistleblower inside the DHS says they were told to stop producing reports on Russian interference because it "made the president look bad." / Axios

"The sooner I go out of business, the better." Philadelphia gets a COVID store replete with exotic mask sprays. / Philadelphia Magazine

An executive position for the pandemic era: "head of remote work." / The Washington Post

Jessa Crispin: Your company’s new “spiritual consultant” is just the latest sign of our crisis of meaning. / The Guardian

Wildfires are burning across nine Western states. Some pictures of this year’s fire season. / ABC News, BuzzFeed News

Active shooter drills are an industry worth an estimated $2.7 billion—claiming unproven benefits and causing leaps in depression. / The Miami Herald

Hong Kong protest graffiti is now blurred in Google Maps. Google says it's "an algorithm error." / Hong Kong Free Press

Another Facebook engineer quits in disgust, saying the company is on the wrong side of history. / The Washington Post

Berlin's legendary Berghain nightclub becomes an art gallery to survive the pandemic, though the no-photos rule remains in place. / The Guardian

Producers and actors explain how Broadway plans to reopen. / The Washington Post

For reasons we don’t need to mention, that video of the Arctic explorer digging up food gives us a lot of pleasure to rewatch. / The Morning News

See also: The doctor who retired to pursue rollerblading very slowly. / The Morning News

A profile of Miranda July about money, artistry, what it’s like to live with the appearance of a heterosexual family unit. / Vulture

And here's a long thread of baby geese pictures. Each time you scroll down, they get one day older. / Twitter