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Prior to sending the redacted Mueller report to Congress today, Attorney General Barr will hold a news conference at 9:30 a.m. (ET). Here's what to watch for during and after Barr’s conference and the document's release.

Based on what Barr previously told Congress, this is what has been redacted from the report: grand jury material, classified intelligence, anything about ongoing investigations, and information that would implicate "peripheral third parties."

Kirsten Gillibrand takes pains to make clear that her responsibilities are not on hold while she’s on the presidential campaign trail; she regularly invites reporters to watch her cook dinner at home and posts social-media stories of her 10-year-old son. The double standard of office-seeking parents: Absent dads are admirable, but moms are expected to mother while campaigning.

As far back as the Bronze Age, wind patterns have sent humans' pollution to the Pyrenees. And microplastics are no exception.

The International President of the Association of Flight Attendants: The Green New Deal won't kill our jobs; climate change will.

In an experiment that will challenge current medical opinion about what defines brain death, scientists were able to revive some of the molecular and cellular brain functions of pigs that had been dead for four hours.

A new Twitter account is here to correct science news that omits when a research outcome only involved mice.

Victorian leech jars were sometimes quite ornate—and probably ineffective at preventing the critters from escaping.

Facts won't persuade vaccine skeptics. As with many impasses, values-based discussions can prove more convincing.

“He’s just saying whatever is popping into his dumb slow head right now.” Remembering when Alex Jones started out on Austin public access: the same manipulator, screaming at facts.

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There is a long history of baseball teams and groundskeepers attempting to dry out wet infield grass by lighting it on fire.

I didn’t want to discover via some remote data analysis that I’m not black but from “all nations,” as an ancestry-test commercial featuring a Latina sunnily put it. The American obsession over DNA tests may have as much to do with affirming identity as with sidestepping their nation’s brutal racial history.

The current "bio-colonial" approach to genetics mostly ignores indigenous people, but some scientists are working to change that.

Healthy urban fabric is not monofunctional [nor] does it strictly contain one income level. How social housing failed Latin America.

The Face magazine, which epitomized late-20th-century cool, has returned after a 15-year dormancy.

A visualization of the quantity and quality of board games from 1980 to 2018.

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In a film short, an astronaut traverses the otherworldly landscapes of public lands in the American Southwest.