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United States officials say China's balloon was part of a surveillance fleet spanning five continents. / Al Jazeera

The Australian government says it will remove 900 Chinese-made surveillance cameras from more than 250 of its facilities. / VICE

Assessing what's known publicly about the jurors who will face the Proud Boys. / Lawfare

A comic suggests new versions of children's books that teachers may safely distribute in Florida. / GoComics

Photographs of Black Chicago in the 1970s from Pulitzer-winner John H. White. / The Public Domain Review

Increasingly, new cars are too big for US parking spaces, especially in parking garages.

Unrelated: How car painting evolved over time. / Material World

Stars in the latest big (terrible) romantic comedy reportedly used a CGI kiss. "Is the future of intimacy in Hollywood going to be deepfaked sex scenes?" / The Hollywood Reporter, The Guardian

Researchers simulate a type Ia supernova—the universe's "standard candle"—on a supercomputer. / Quanta Magazine

Scientists use artificial intelligence to help decode animal communication. / Scientific American

Interview with a man who's happily dating an AI chatbot. "I haven't felt this good in a very long time." / Business Insider

An illustrator gets advice on how to make up for years they "lost" before they got on antidepressants. / Ayesha A. Siddiqi

A new diary from Patricia Lockwood in which she (surprisingly) helps save her husband's life. / The London Review of Books