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Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Saying the loud part quietly.

Railroads and union representatives reach a tentative labor agreement, averting a rail strike that could have sent the US economy into a tailspin. / The New York Times, Associated Press

Photos and videos of the military equipment Russian troops left behind while fleeing Izyum. / The Washington Post

Patagonia's owners give the entire company to a trust that will send all profits to environmental efforts. / The Guardian

Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard: "I was in Forbes magazine listed as a billionaire, which really, really pissed me off." / The New York Times

California files suit against Amazon, claiming its anticompetitive practices artificially raise prices. / NPR

"Something about modern life is destroying our ability to see far away, but what?" / The Atlantic

Roger Federer has announced his retirement. / ESPN

"They have seen the results of the special elections." Republican candidates are trying to reverse—quietly or out loud—their extreme abortion stances. / BuzzFeed News

QAnon and weird conservatives have summoned the return of Satanic panic, and this time around it's bigger and dumber than ever. / NBC News

In Boise, a high school senior and climate activist wins a school board seat, beating an incumbent friendly to extremists and library censorship. / The Intercept

See also: "County commissioners had voted unanimously to suspend access to all of the libraries' 17,000 digital titles." How book bans turned a Texas town upside down. / The New York Times Magazine

See whether your text or images have been used to train popular AI art models. / Have I Been Trained?

Recent articles about the Webb telescope are sowing confusion over whether "Big Bang" refers to a creation event or the universe's expansion. / Nautilus

A clone of the New York Times Spelling Bee that includes the words you think are supposed to be there. / Free Bee