Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: Seven nation Barbie

The Department of Health and Human Services plans to release 296,000 doses of monkeypox vaccine in the coming weeks. / NPR

A roundup of data on the rise and spread of the BA.5 Covid subvariant: what we know, where it's gaining, and how to defend against it. / Ground Truths

The stock market is on track for its worst six months of the year since at least 1970. / The New York Times

Meanwhile, where are the world's millionaires moving? Mainly Singapore, Switzerland, Israel, the UAE, and Australia. / Visual Capitalist

See also: Why inflation looks likely to stay above "the pre-pandemic norm." / The Economist

According to intelligence assessments, Russia's invasion of Ukraine is likely to grind on for some time. / BBC News

Washington made support of a Ukrainian victory a litmus test for American democracy. Germany and other allies have other views. / Tablet

The auto industry is growing wary of CATL, the industry's biggest battery company, and Beijing seems to agree. / WIRED

An Illinois steel plant that Trump "saved" is slated to stop steelmaking. / Bloomberg

A Dutch company releases the first "production-ready" solar-powered car. / dezeen

A new study finds the natural gas that heats your home contains low concentrations of several chemicals linked to cancer. / MarketWatch

Oliver Burkeman: You'll never be free from the present moment. But there are things you can do to feel free in it. / The Imperfectionist

Elif Batuman's new campus novel feels like a guidebook to being "inside a body newly being touched, and touching." / The London Review of Books

"Book women on horses did more than just leave books on people's porches." / TMN

Fran Hoepfner: I don't want to see any more photos from the Barbie set. / Gawker