Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Sigh, sigh, let it all AIEEEE.

The coronavirus is spreading wildly across the US: "Any number of cities and states might now be considered the worst off, depending on the measurement used." / The New York Times

In just one week, new daily coronavirus infections in the US have shot up from 104,000 to 145,000. / The Washington Post

A US map shows the risk of there being a COVID-positive person at an event, based on the number of people in attendance. / Georgia Tech

See also: Tracking how each state is progressing in its coronavirus response. / COVID Exit Strategy

The CDC now says face masks protect you as well as those around you from exposure to infected respiratory droplets. / HuffPost

New York imposes new COVID restrictions: curfews at bars, restaurants, and gyms and no gatherings of more than 10 people. / BBC

Even with a vaccine on the horizon, it's still important to flatten the curve in order to prevent overwhelming hospitals—and there are warning signs that could soon happen. / The Verge, NPR

Related: Because the US never flattened the curve, it's misguided to talk about the pandemic in "waves." / STAT

Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine must be stored in expensive ultra-cold freezers, putting rural and small hospitals at a disadvantage—as well as the developing world. / STAT, The Washington Post

Related: "The COVID-19 global immunization effort could offer us a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to create sustainable and resilient health cold-chain systems." / WIRED

Biden's White House chief of staff will be Ron Klain, the former federal "Ebola czar," and a strong critic of Trump's COVID-19 response. / The Guardian

"It acknowledges that there are degrees between free-for-all socializing and lockdowns." We finally have a COVID strategy. / Scientific American

Elliot Ackerman: My fellow veterans reminded me what this election was about. / The New York Times

With worldwide attention paid to the outcome of the US election, this was the first global US presidential contest. / Bloomberg

What's next in Trump's efforts to overturn the election results: preventing states from certifying results showing Biden winning. / Vox

Because of the close vote margin in Georgia, the state has announced a full hand recount of the 2020 presidential race. / CNN

Biden has now won Arizona, flipping it for the Democrats the first time since 1996—which likewise was the first time the state had gone blue since 1948. / BuzzFeed News

Maricopa County judge rejects Trump's request to seal evidence in its voter-fraud lawsuit. Attorneys for the election officials argued the public "“has a right to know how flimsy Plaintiffs’ evidence actually is." / The Arizona Republic

"Over the past 10 years, Walker and his allies in the Wisconsin state legislature mastered the dark arts of gerrymandering, voter disenfranchisement, and general ratfuckery." / The New Republic

Karl Rove: With margins this wide, recounts won't change the election result. / The Wall Street Journal

Here are the Republicans who've broken with Trump to congratulate Biden on his win. / NBC News

Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford says he will intervene if Biden has not received access to the presidential daily briefings by Friday. / CNN

More than eight in 10 Trump voters think Biden's win is not legitimate. / The Washington Post

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