Florida Governor Ron Desantis's presidential campaign does not get a smooth launch on Elon Musk's Twitter. / The New York Times

Even without any glitches, "launching the campaign on a Twitter Space would have been bizarre." / Vox

Somes notes on how ProPublica broke the Clarence Thomas story. / Slate

British and American conservatives share a lack of political vision, but differ in "the weight they place on ideological purity." / The London Review of Books

A multi-year investigation finds nearly two-thousand children sexually abused in Illinois by members of the Catholic clergy. / Yahoo! News

A cosmetics company and an influencer get knocked for using a school shooting to sell a beauty product. / High Snobiety

Germany enters a recession after its economy contracts for a second consecutive quarter. / Reuters

Unrelated: American TikTok users experience "Europecore" by turning off the air conditioning. / Nylon

France bans short domestic flights where train alternatives exist, in a bid to cut carbon emissions, but the law's many caveats suggest virtue-signaling. / CBS News

Your weekly white paper: Measuring the costs of climate change by the number of people left outside the "human climate niche." / Nature

Kevin Munger: Large language models should not call themselves "I" and they should not refer to themselves and humans as "we." / Crooked Timber

See also: Rigorous mathematics applied to penguin huddles. / Chalkdust Magazine

How to receive less mail in your mailbox. Why Norwegians love hot dogs. What it means to feel anxiety about adidas sneakers. / Ironic Sans, Gastro Obscura, GQ

"We'll never live in a world without Tina Turner." Tina Turner dies at home in Switzerland, aged 83. / Rolling Stone

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