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Thursday headlines: Sliced bread of their time

Ukraine's president says his troops have recaptured several settlements from Russian forces. / BBC News

France's dearth of Dijon mustard isn't about the war in Ukraine so much as Burgundian farmers and their crop yields. / BBC News

By the end of 2022, China will have stashed away 65% of the world's corn and 53% of its wheat, for fear of a food crisis. / The Upheaval

Related: Recalling how the United States banned sliced bread during World War II. / Atlas Obscura

A conversation with Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum, about the crypto crash. / Noahpinion

In virtually all countries, citizens are more likely to return lost wallets that contain more money. / The Kid Should See This

A new finding suggests surgical procedures were being carried out some 24,000 years earlier than previously thought. / The Economist

Examining Black flight: why Black families have been leaving big cities for decades. / The Atlantic

A Tokyo man who rents himself out to do nothing has been hired 270 times by one customer. / Reuters

Post-lockdown, zoo scientists say that chimpanzees and baboons appear to be specifically stimulated by the return of visitors. / The Guardian

The rise of music styles like SoundCloud rap perhaps needed to occur at the same time as the rise of Donald Trump. / Angelicism01

See also: A list of secular "classical music" compositions that quote the Dies Irae plainchant melody. / Victoryvinny