Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Smash the wine state.

A thorough, 17-day timeline of the trapped Thai soccer team's ordeal.

US Embassy warns Americans in London to "keep a low profile" during Trump's visit—it's standard protocol, but still.

NFL Players Association files a grievance over the National Anthem rule, stating the league ignored and misled them.

Following his resignation as CEO in December over criticisms of the NFL players' National Anthem protests, the Papa John's founder stepped down as chairman yesterday after reports surfaced of him using the N-word during a conference call in May.

The Labor Dept. estimates the gig economy at 10% of the US workforce—in reality, moonlighters make it closer to 36%.

A novel way to quantify climate change: observing whether trees and shrubs have bloomed in Tour de France footage.

This week Twitter has been purging profiles that have been locked—often due to spammy activities—from follower counts. As a result, Trump lost around 100K followers and Obama nearly 400K. It's a good reminder: All followers are fake followers.

UK hands Facebook the maximum fine over insufficient privacy and oversight in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Recent unpiloted-vehicle startups show when military money tempts Silicon Valley, the result is the next era of war.

As US birth rates decline, there are fewer middle children—right when we could use more empathetic moderates.

This week at the 2018 Rooster Summer Reading Challenge, we finish up Circe, Madeline Miller’s latest reworking of the Greek myths.

Archaeologists have discovered a clay tablet that may be the oldest known written excerpt from Homer's Odyssey.

A Handmaid's Tale-themed line of wines—now cancelled—utterly misses the point of the show. And of wine, for that matter.

"A lot of wine rules are bullshit." It's too hot to not drink your wine on ice.

Glenda Adams unveils her cross-stitch of the original Mac OS Control Panel.

A mesmerizing new longform video for one of our favorite albums of 2018 (so far), Kate NV’s для FOR.