Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: Staggeringly effective.

More critics of President Trump receive explosive devices in the mail.

Despite his penchant for celebrating and inciting violence against his enemies, Trump presents himself as healer-in-chief and blames the media.

Trump insists on using an unprotected iPhone to call friends. Intelligence sources confirm that China and Russia have been listening in and developing strategy based on his remarks.

Think tanks and lobbyists in Washington are slowly reconsidering their many years of gobbling up Saudi money.

Americans are now behaving like Captain Renault in the movie Casablanca, shocked to discover that there is gambling in the casino. Tolerating the killing of Khashoggi is the kind of foreign policy decision that the US has been making for many decades.

Over 40% of US federal judges have attended Manne seminars in conservative economics. The results are "devastatingly effective."

The European parliament overwhelmingly backs a wide-ranging ban on single-use plastics.

The massive Millennium Villages project spent around $27 million in aid in Ghana with no overall effect on poverty or hunger.

“Graduation” anti-poverty programs—giving out startup capital and business skills—may trump microfinance or cash handouts.

Kanye West recently visited Uganda hoping to find Wakanda, not the home of a dictator who’s never even seen Jurassic Park.

Private bankers are reconsidering travel to China as Beijing steps up scrutiny of offshore investments.

Photographs of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai, the 55km bridge and tunnel linking Hong Kong to mainland China.

Miniature model villages are perpetually popular. The oldest, operating since 1929, sees 15,000 visitors each month.

Video: A tour of Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland, the world’s largest model railway

Hollywood actors are digitally preserving themselves so they can make money for their families post mortem.

The Kmart group on Flickr has amassed a staggering 25,000 photos of its subject: "a struggling American discount store."

A widely praised new biography of Frederick Douglass suggests he was "the greatest American of the nineteenth century."

The painting "Jesus Tried to Cheer up Paul McCartney Using a Lambchop Puppet" is currently available for £198,111.39.