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Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Tempest in a tweet.

Massive damage in the Carolinas is expected as Hurricane Florence makes landfall today through tomorrow.

Just because Florence has been downgraded to a Category 2 doesn't make it any less dangerous. Wind speed doesn't matter as much as the size of the wind field.

This morning Trump tweeted that the death toll numbers in Puerto Rico from Hurricanes Maria and Irma are a conspiracy by Democrats to make him look bad. Really, just fuck this guy.

Most voters credit Trump for the strong economy—and still don't approve of the job he's doing.

Crowdfunders aren't trying to buy Sen. Collins's Kavanaugh vote—they're trying to replace her if she confirms him.

The FDA says it will ban e-cigarettes if makers can't prove they'll keep their products out of the hands of minors.

They are completely in bed with industry. Why the FDA won't side with science and admit plastics are bad for you.

The first trial for an anti-aging drug is for a half-century-old diabetes pill.

He presided over a plethora of macho crime shows featuring a virtual genocide of dead naked hotties in morgue drawers, with sadistic female autopsy reports, ratcheted up each week. Designing Women creator Linda Bloodworth Thomason explains how Les Moonves sabotaged her career.

The answer to reduced health care access in the US isn't more doctors. It's more independent nurse practitioners.

Nearly a quarter of American troops during World War I were immigrants—speaking a total of 49 different languages.

Less than 0.1% of tech companies' grants go to helping women of color learn how to code.

Possible new EU copyright laws—such as "upload filters" and a "link tax"—would cripple how content is shared online.

A TripAdvisor reviewer has been jailed for selling fake reviews under a false identity in Italy, where it's illegal.

A tour of Britain's Cold War bunkers.

Mark Wahlberg shares his punishing fitness regimen, which starts at 2:30 a.m. every day and gets worse from there.

15. The hero is transferred, delivered, or led to the whereabouts of an object of search. 16. The hero and the villain join in direct combat. 17. The hero is branded or marked. 18. The villain is defeated. The essential functions of Russian fairytale plots, as described by Vladimir I. Propp.

Mysterious, spare landscapes photographed by Jungjin Lee.