Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Thanks for your RSVP to the mass extinction event.

The Senate failed to change the filibuster, further stalling voting-rights legislation and sending the fight back to statehouses. / BuzzFeed News, CNN

See also: "Tonight the president—and his party—learned the true definition of the phrase 'slim majority.'" / The Atlantic

The Supreme Court denies Trump's request to block his records from the Jan. 6 Committee, which says it's already begun receiving the documents. / NPR

Africa's top public health groups ask for donations of Covid vaccines that have a shelf life of at least three months. / Reuters

The Biden administration says that, beginning late next week, Americans will be able to pick up three free N95 face masks at locations across the country. / USA Today

Boris Johnson announces the end of all Covid restrictions, including mask wearing, starting next week. / The Guardian

Covid death figures are unreliable, scientists say. The actual toll may be between two and four times the official numbers. / Nature

A new fossil study finds humanity is 30,000 years older than previously thought. / Inverse

Millions of people are dying due to once-treatable infections from bacteria that are now antibiotic-resistant. / STAT

Citing evidence in birds and mammals, some scientists have proposed that we're entering a Sixth Mass Extinction. / VICE

"I was upset with what I was seeing." What happened after a doctor wrote "climate change" as the cause of a patient's heat stroke. / WIRED

Someone has been terrifying Swedish children with mysterious TikToks that claim "war is coming," and it's probably Russia. / Defense One

After losing her dog in an attack, a pet owner learns that in Texas a pet has little to no value, legally speaking. / Texas Monthly

Getting chicken pox, moving and starting a new life, and other once-typical experiences that are nearly unimaginable today. / Noahpinion

"No format has ever been kinder to music that takes time." On the return to compact discs. / Rolling Stone

Inside the FBI's Art Crime Team, which investigates everything from looted artifacts to forgeries to high-profile art thefts. / Hyperallergic

Photos of Dutch theaters and museums that reopened as hair salons and gyms in protest of uneven lockdown restrictions. / Associated Press