Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: That feeling you’re feeling.

"We will survive. This is a time to overprotect but not overreact." That discomfort we’re all feeling just might be grief.

A chart about St. Louis's response to the 1918 flu pandemic shows how ending social distancing now will only make things worse.

Thanks to quarantine, traffic collisions, daily crime counts, and daily arrests are all down in Los Angeles.

The appeal of being in Montana right now is distance from other people—and that’s also one of the state’s biggest problems.

The ski town of Telluride is offering COVID-19 tests to every resident (because biotech executives live there too).

Westport is considered "party zero" for coronavirus in Connecticut. Meanwhile, another wealthy town nearby got all NIMBY about testing.

See also: A “luxury” coronavirus quarantine facility opens in the Maldives.

A resident in a New York hospital says they’re on the verge of rationing. See also: Louisiana, Michigan, Alabama.

“What I Learned When My Husband Got Sick with Coronavirus,” by Jessica Lustig.

Meta spreadsheets have cropped up to track the vast profusion of spreadsheets assembled by mutual aid groups.

Related: Nurses share coronavirus stories anonymously in a private Google doc.

Surveillance in the context of the coronavirus: lessons from 9/11 as the Justice Department asks Congress for new powers. Also, why $25 million for the Kennedy Center? Why is Amazon, a company owned by the richest person in the world, soliciting donations to pay for workers' sick leave? 

José Manuel Ballester’s paintings lacking people feel eerily familiar.

Among those who may have it worst right now: people in abusive relationships.

A brief history of simultaneous disasters, which are far from rare.

Sarah Hepola: For people struggling to stay sober, coronavirus shutdowns offer temptation, but also hope.

If you’re cooped-up but also curious, you can assist archivists and librarians decipher letters or review transcriptions. Or participate in an oral history project.

Maps of the oldest businesses in (almost) every country in the world.

March 19 was the first day of spring. Here’s a list of gardens you can tour virtually.

Further evidence of athletes enjoying themselves indoors.