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Thursday headlines: The basement mannequins

Scientists and researchers call for a new investigation—with or without China’s participation—into Covid-19’s origins. / US World & News Report

Six months after being diagnosed with Covid, one in three patients experiences a psychiatric or neurological illness. / STAT

See also: Your Nespresso pods can be converted into a Covid test. / Fast Company

The UK variant is now the most common strain of coronavirus in the United States. / CNN

India reports a record 126,789 new Covid cases as several states struggle to contain a second surge. / The Guardian

Public health officials urge the Biden administration to flood Michigan with additional vaccine doses. Meanwhile, at least five people were killed in a mass shooting in South Carolina. / STAT, ABC News

European drug regulators confirm a link between the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine and rare blood clots, but say the benefits of the shot outweigh the risks. / CNN

A "landmark" study says a novel vaccine approach for the prevention of HIV has shown promise in Phase I trials. / European Pharmaceutical Review

Evidence is mounting that a tiny subatomic particle known as a muon seems to be disobeying the known laws of physics. / The New York Times

Unrelated: An entire lineage of French rabbits has been doing handstands for nearly a century. / Gizmodo

A new concept car from Volvo offers a digital detox by possessing a central "garden shaft." / Moss and Fog

Lauren Goode called off her wedding in 2019. That doesn’t stop apps and advertisements from reminding her about it. / WIRED

Laura Bassett: “An Interview With the Man Who Keeps Uploading My Feet to WikiFeet.” / New York Magazine

From 2009, but still relevant: A midlife phenomenon called “The Referendum” is to start judging your peers’ choices in life with envy and contempt. / The New York Times

From 2016, but related: TMN’s Rosecrans Baldwin visits a summer camp for midlife crises. / GQ

Nearly two decades after it was written, the Killers' hit "Mr. Brightside" has been in the UK Top 100 for the past five years. / BBC News

The “Lost Tapes of the 27 Club” project uses an AI program to imagine music from some of the famous musicians who died at 27. / The Morning News

Related: A pair of film students in California collaborate with an AI to produce original short films. / VICE

John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band get cleaned up, but is tailoring historic albums for today’s tastes a good idea? / The Wall Street Journal

"There were about 25 mannequins in the basement." Interview with the realtor of Baltimore's "sexy funeral goth house." / Slate