Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: The butterfly effect.

"Layla, 10, liked dancing to TikToks, won six races at the school's field day, and loved to swim."  These are the victims of the Uvalde school shooting. / BuzzFeed News

The Uvalde school district had recently doubled its security budget, which included enhanced safety protocols, new monitoring systems, and its own police force. / NBC News

Since Sandy Hook, Congress has yet to pass a single law limiting gun sales. / Marketplace

See also: Since Columbine, more than 311,000 US students have now experienced gun violence at school. / The Washington Post

The Congressional Budget Office forecasts inflation will continue into 2023, but says its numbers "are subject to considerable uncertainty." / ABC News

It took four months for the FDA's head of food safety to learn about the whistleblower report alleging unsanitary conditions at an infant formula plant. / The Washington Post

US officials are advising Taiwan to purchase weaponry suitable for repelling a Chinese invasion. / The New York Times

Russia's Duma has passed a new law raising the age limit for its army from 40 to 65. / Radio Free Europe

Oklahoma just became the first state in the US to effectively end access to abortion services. / Associated Press

See also: Senate Democrats have asked Google to curtail its user tracking, fearing it could be used against people seeking abortions. / BuzzFeed News

Using a carbon-dioxide monitor to assess your Covid risk based on your surroundings, and then getting Covid anyway. / Bloomberg

Climate change poses a threat to Earth's biocrust, which reduces 60% of the dust in our air. / Science News

Britain could lose 24 of 58 butterfly species, five more than the last time such a list was compiled, in 2011. / BBC News

"Its appeal has always been its interactive tactility." For now, the Alamo Cube in New York's Astor Place is no longer spinnable. / Hyperallergic

The last payphone in New York City has been removed, and is now headed to the Museum of the City of New York. / CBS News

"Dimes Square is a relatively small triangle of asphalt sandwiched between the intersection of Canal and Division Streets." / The Baffler

Photos of hamburgers from a lawsuit accusing fast-food restaurants of misleading customers. / Quartz

The playlistification of ambient music ignores that it's more than sound to work to or sleep to—but at least people are listening. / Pitchfork