China eases its harsher coronavirus policies amid mounting public pressure. / Quartz

Social media suggests a growing number of Chinese people know someone who has Covid, a month prior to millions celebrating the lunar new year. / The Economist 

See also: "Based on what we have seen in Hong Kong, this could be fairly devastating." / STAT

Vladimir Putin says his army likely will be fighting in Ukraine for a long time. / Reuters

WNBA star Brittney Griner is released in a one-for-one prisoner swap for arms dealer Viktor Bout. / CBS News 

Wordle is the most-searched term on Google search in 2022, both in the United States and around the world. Though perhaps no Wordle today? / TechCrunch, NME

The UAE ranks as having the world's best passport in terms of mobility. Troubled fast-fashion company Shein is the world's most Googled brand. / CNBC, Hypebeast

In contrast, a new espresso maker in development, meant to be more sustainable, is modular and 3D printable. / designboom

Once more, the holiday suicide myth—the false claim that suicides rise at the end of the year—persists in news coverage. / Annenberg Public Policy Center

Stories from turf wars in New York City's Christmas tree business. "The first two weeks of the season are a bloodbath." / Curbed

A positive review of the world's smallest smartphone: "It's clearly trying its best." / Read Max 

See also: Pictures from when mobile phones, prior to smartphones, "went absolutely catshit bananas." / Twitter 

It's always pleasant to see what Danny MacAskill can do on a bicycle, this time in San Francisco. / The Kid Should See This

Meanwhile, San Francisco decides to pause the "killer police robots" thing. / The Associated Press

Some guesses on future uses of artificial intelligence. And some pictures of food designed by AI to imitate Michelin-starred chefs. / Second Best, Fast Company