Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: The cost of everything.

The president’s former lawyer tells Congress that the president manipulates financial records, pays to cover up extramarital affairs, and says racist crap, among other things.

Basically: “My loyalty to Mr Trump has cost me everything.”

To prove that Trump is not racist, a North Carolina Senator invites a black woman to stand by silently while he tells Cohen she disagrees with him.

“I have seen them sink pretty damned low in the over 25 years I have been a member of and staffer to the Republican Party.”

Meanwhile in Virginia: The state’s First Lady gives cotton to black kids during a tour of the governor’s mansion and asks them to imagine being slaves.

Back to Trump: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used her questions to lay the groundwork for a subpoena of the president’s tax returns.

A legal expert explains what was learned from Cohen’s testimony, and where the Trump-Russia story now stands.

The second summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un collapsed early.

For perhaps the first time, Kim Jong Un answered questions from journalists.

The company that brought us the AK-47 introduces the KUB-UAV, a “suicide drone” yielding “a step toward a completely new form of combat.”

Perhaps not surprising: A white paper finds popular support for eugenics.

A new Brexit crisis: In the event of a no-deal exit, the UK doesn't have the right kind of pallets for import or export.

The language in which children are taught can be contentious. Inertia and coercion favor English—but so does popular demand.

The World Bank says women have equal rights with men in only six countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Latvia, Luxembourg, and Sweden.

Why can't bots beat those CAPTCHA screens? They're not adequately human,  i.e., messy.

An astrophotographer stitches together 50,000 images to make one picture of the moon.

Items left behind during a year in the life of a university library.

What it’s like to win a lifetime supply of ice cream, toilet paper, fried chicken, or books.

She is neither overwhelmingly feminine nor masculine. She exists outside of any mundane binary. She is something else, a species unto herself. She truly is unusual. Paying praise to Whoopi Goldberg.

RIP, pioneering trans soul singer Jackie Shane.

"God is a fly you can’t swat." A poem for your Thursday: "Elegy for a Kaleidoscope," by Fady Joudah.