Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: The council on Warren relations.

The top 10 Democratic presidential candidates debate tonight, with the three frontrunners facing off for the first time.

Biden is expected to attack Warren, his new top competitor, with accusations of hypocrisy, and for having too many solutions.

Meanwhile, in the White House: President Trump postpones more China tariffs as a “gesture of goodwill.”

Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency is set to announce the repeal of Obama’s clean water regulation.

Trump’s Border Protection Commissioner says the US will not grant temporary protected status to people from the Bahamas displaced by Dorian.

The Supreme Court allows Trump to implement his new asylum policy. Justice Sotomayor writes “a stinging dissent.”

J.P. Morgan devises a "Volfefe Index" to analyze how the president's tweets influence volatility in US interest rates.

Emily Witt: Reading Valeria Luiselli in the Trump era offers both comfort and wisdom.

I watched Lolita long before I became a sex worker, but not long before I began exchanging sex for things: something to eat, something to smoke, a place to sleep, a job opportunity. Was Lolita “conscious of the function of her body in a patriarchal economy?”

Who cleans up all the mess on horror movie sets? “Generally speaking, you clean up for your department.”

A reconsideration of "screen time" should begin with what's on the screen, not the screen itself.

"Robert Frank exalted photographic form by shattering it against the stone of the wonderful and (oh, yeah) horrible real."

The new Slave Play is a send-up of the way "white people discuss racism as though it has nothing to do with them."

The rapper 6ix9ine so wanted to seem like a gangster on Instagram, he accidentally became one in real life.

Watch: Tennis’s top drag queens visit New York’s Little Haiti to investigate 2018 champion Naomi Osaka’s underappreciated Haitian background.

To golf alone on a public golf course means five hours of intimate conversation with strangers—and it’s not always terrible.

In case you forgot: the man attempting to visit every Starbucks in the world is still at it, with over 15,000 branches reached.

NPR’s “Car Talk” ended in 2012, but episodes still run in syndication. Its top fan is probably Ray Magliozzi, who listens to hear the sound of his brother’s voice.

"I sort of don’t even think it needs explaining." Reasons to believe the Loch Ness Monster is a lesbian separatist.