Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: The day everything changed

Today marks the one-year anniversary of coronavirus taking hold in the United States. An oral history of where people were, from the Oval Office to the Utah Jazz locker room. / WIRED, BuzzFeed News

Readers share the final picture they took before the coronavirus was declared a pandemic. / NBC News

Ramesh Ponnuru: Covid keeps refusing to cooperate in providing us with neat political lessons. / Bloomberg

Katie Heaney: The singles and the partnered finally have something in common: a year without sex. / The Cut

Recent movies have set major box office records in China. The boom may be a sign of things to come stateside once theaters reopen. / The Ringer

A map of media outlets across the US that primarily serve Black communities. / ArcGIS Story Maps

See also: Bird migration forecast maps let you determine whether birds will be passing overhead tonight. / Birdcast

How to address problems of scale in a democracy? "Delegate much more power to states, provinces and localities." / Aeon

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson says he will sign a bill that bans abortion in nearly all circumstances. / The Arkansas Democrat Gazette

An Iowa reporter, arrested last summer as she was covering a Black Lives Matter protest, is found not guilty. / NPR

The absence of public toilets in the United States is “a delightful encapsulation of so much that is wrong with American economic policy these days.” / The Grumpy Economist

Rancho Mirage, the desert playground city outside Los Angeles, will be the site of the country’s first 3D-printed community. / The Los Angeles Times

Who was behind the recent mysterious shootings in the Malibu wilderness? Residents worry the police have locked up the wrong guy. / The New Yorker

The creator of those spookily convincing Tom Cruise deepfakes says they’re not worth worrying about (they’re too hard to make). / TikTok, The Verge

Ross Douthat throws cold water on newsletter platform Substack—via his Substack. / Reactions

See also: “How to Become an Intellectual in Silicon Valley.” / The Baffler

What do Operation Desert Storm and Brexit have in common? The OODA Loop, an obscure military strategy that requires a half-day presentation to explain. / The Morning News

Coming soon to your local hair salon? Digitally printing floral motifs on blonde extensions. / Colossal

“An epidemic” of bald Florida men are renting billboards that need to be extended in order to fit their bald heads. / Reddit

Tennis has an identity crisis: of players berating, harassing, even spitting on their umpires. Meanwhile, Roger Federer continues to keep ballkids on their toes. / The Racquet, Instagram