Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: The distance between us.

This week brings the total number of people in the US who've filed for unemployment benefits to 22 million.

The unemployment rate is about to appear artificially low, because the number of people who want work but have been discouraged from looking is exceptionally high—a better measure right now is the employment-to-population ratio.

Governors from about 20 US states where there's been a low coronavirus impact say they may be ready to reopen soon.

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An interactive dashboard shows which US counties are most—and least—prepared for a COVID-19 outbreak.

"Everyone wants to know when this will end. That’s not the right question. The right question is: How do we continue?" The outbreak has changed our lives, and science tells us there’s no going back anytime soon.

The WHO reports 70 coronavirus vaccines are now in development, and that three are being tested in human trials.

Why social distancing is necessary: A simulation of how respiratory illnesses spread in the air—even while speaking.

The Senate, currently in recess due to the pandemic, routinely holds pro-forma sessions in order to prevent presidents from making recess appointments. Now Trump wants them to end the sessions so he can make appointments without Senate oversight.

Elizabeth Warren has endorsed Joe Biden and says she's open to being his running mate.

Photos of a desolate Las Vegas Strip, which has been shut down for the first time since the JFK assassination.

USPS workers say the organization has broken its promise to inform them when coworkers test positive for COVID-19.

Jeff Bezos has become $24 billion richer from the surge in Amazon demand during lockdown.

Alcohol sales increased significantly last month—"after a year in which the biggest alcohol trend was less alcohol."

How to build your own Nintendo Switch.

All of a sudden, you're in a home office, and it's probably terrible for you. Here's how to fix it.

"The Renaissance was something that happened to rich people." Don't get too optimistic about the aftermath of the Black Death.

Some school districts are deploying school buses as remote Wi-Fi hubs to areas with students in need.

A federal judge has ruled the Trump administration's reversal of nutrition standards for school meals violated regulatory law.

On April 14, Kelly Moran released a cover of Aphex Twin’s “Avril 14th.”

A beautiful, meditative new song and video from Bing & Ruth, "I Had No Dream."