Headlines y'all

Thursday headlines: The end horizon

Eight experts in public ​​health discuss whether the pandemic is behind us. “For many in the United States: Probably.” / Vox

Rachel Cohrs: Ending the pandemic is going to be a huge headache for the entire health care system. / STAT

Russian attacks besiege key cities around Ukraine as war refugees hit one million. (The refugees include Sean Penn, who had to abandon his car.) / BBC News, The Telegraph

See also: What we know on day eight of the invasion. / The Guardian

Some theories on why Russia’s enormous military convoy is stalled nearly 20 miles outside Kyiv. / The Week

Reporters use “visual forensics” to pinpoint the location of images emerging from Ukraine and verify if they’re real. / The Washington Post

The teenager who tracks Elon Musk’s jet on Twitter is now tracking Russian oligarchs. / CNN

Tyler Cowen: Asking Russian performers and athletes to speak out against Putin is un-American. / Bloomberg

"One person has a gun and the other hasn’t. And the one who hasn’t is, in fact, the stronger." Remembering the Prague Spring with Josef Koudelka’s photographs. / Magnum Photos

Some international examples of non-state spaces that are vibrant arenas of political life, from mosques to festivals. / This Week in Africa

Watch: Some spectacular strutting during a Wagah/Attari border ceremony at the India-Pakistan border. / The Morning News

Why do India’s Brahmins and other “top-caste Hindus” tend to lead Western firms but rarely Indian ones? / The Economist

Your weekly white paper: A study finds people's emotional ties to robots can undermine their relationships with human co-workers. / University of Michigan News

The story of how Humans of New York became “a one-man philanthropy machine.” / New York Magazine

Epic Games acquires Bandcamp. Meanwhile, ice cream machine hackers are suing McDonald's. / TechCrunch, WIRED

In case you need this today: a vet helps a bald eagle learn how to fly again. / The Morning News