Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: The end of the pop-in.

Wisconsin's Supreme Court overturns the state's stay-at-home orders and limits the governor's powers to implement future restrictions.

The FBI has seized Sen. Burr's phone in a federal probe into his stock sales during the early weeks of the pandemic.

The World Health Organization says the new coronavirus, similar to HIV, may never go away, and humanity will need to adapt.

Librarians are volunteering their skills to help the World Health Organization organize, triage, and vet information on COVID-19.

What going to the gym is going to look like: masks while exercising, small group classes, and no more "drop-in" workouts.

See also: What restaurant dining will be like—expect the end of open kitchens.

"Security forces check the KFC meals by hand." Ordering KFC in Gaza means traversing multiple checkpoints—and the food usually arrives cold.

Photos of social-distancing markers from around the world.

Related: An Italian design studio created a social-distancing installation in a Tuscan square.

Finding links between Venice's public-health response to the plague in the 14th century and today's quarantine measures.

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SpaceX has released a simulator for manually docking one of its vehicles at the ISS.

Soothe out with Jon Hopkins's new song, created with a 100-year-old singing bowl and no synthesizers.

"Paul was a bright spot." Known for his "Double Rainbow" YouTube video, Paul L. Vasquez has died at 57.

"Each year gets worked on over the course of several months." The Hood Internet on its project of combining hits from individual years into single, three-minute tracks.

The history of Pitchfork's 10.0 rating, from an exercise in absurdity to the pinnacle of exclusivity.

According to polls, music listeners in quarantine are exploring outside their typical genres.

"It’s the pub I want to drink in most, and it’s therefore the pub I’m making in VR."

A walking tour of Manhattan before the arrival of the Dutch colonists.

First described in 2011, and thought extinct, the blue calamintha bee has once again been found in Florida.

Oil paintings of suburban scenes without humans, by Alex Selkowitz.