Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: The French want to elect a king they can overthrow.

ISIS may be losing physical ground, but its roots in recruiting jihadists from afar are still intact, as shown by the months-long standoff, now quelled, in the Philippines.

Spain says it will rule Catalonia directly from Madrid, further blocking the region's independence.

The stock boom that Trump takes credit for is really driven by international gains.

In efforts to sow racial discord, Russian agents duped US activists into organizing protests on American soil.

One possible trend in Europe's elections this year: "Conventional political parties are out and movements are in."

“I’m not special. That is the point of this campaign. As one woman put it on Facebook: ‘Guys, literally, it’s all of us.’” #MeToo may be “the most depressing party of the century,” but it’s valuable—especially if it becomes #HimThough.

The rule of law is shifting toward empirical arguments, yet our current Supreme Court appears "allergic" to numbers.

The GOP's first step toward abandoning expertise was its embrace of supply-side theories rejected by economists.

Most doctors endure bigoted remarks from patients, questioning their credentials or altogether refusing treatment.

“France is a country of regicidal monarchists. It is a paradox: The French want to elect a king, but they would like to be able to overthrow him whenever they want. The office of president is not a normal office—that is something one should understand when one occupies it.” French president Emmanuel Macron explains why French people love to disparage, insult, and mock their leaders.

Mattress giant Casper might have caught something from Peter Thiel—they're suing critical bloggers out of existence.

Palladium replaces platinum as the world's most expensive metal. (Both are used to curb auto emissions.)

The "Dear David" Twitter ghost tale is creepy, but its meticulous pacing makes the story difficult to swallow.

“Gavin leans in and whispers in my ear, in what must be the only time when this is an appropriate thing for a teacher to tell a student: ‘Choke him like a motherfucker.’” One reporter’s quest for the toughest workout in Los Angeles.

Missing since the 1930s, a Rodin sculpture of Napoleon has been "hiding in plain sight" in a New Jersey town hall.