Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: The future was 10 years ago.

In a senate hearing that played out along party lines, Attorney General Barr faced scrutiny over his handling of the Russia investigation findings.

Following the release of Mueller's letter questioning Barr's portrayal of the special counsel's report, some senators pointed out Barr lied during his April 10 testimony, when he said, "I don’t know whether Bob Mueller supported my conclusion."

This week a federal judge ruled Congressional Democrats can proceed with their lawsuit against Trump, alleging he and his businesses have violated the emoluments clause.

Your tax dollars at play: Federal bar tabs and other recreation-related emails and receipts from Mar-a-Lago.

One reason Trump won in 2016 was that he bypassed media vetting and spoke to a fanbase—just as Bernie and Buttigieg are doing.

Olympic gold medalist Caster Semenya has lost her appeal, with a court ruling that women with high testosterone will be banned from certain track events.

Related: According to medical tests, Michael Phelps produces low amounts of lactic acid, giving him a genetic advantage over other swimmers—and was admired for it.

The Dept. of Homeland Security will pilot a DNA testing program at the US-Mexico border next week. The purpose will be to prosecute immigrants posing as families, which DHS says is a tactic employed by drug smugglers.

After one of the biggest nonunion strikes in recent US history, Central Californian farmworkers defeat a pay cut.

China's Belt and Road Initiative is poised to transform science in much of the world—a soft-power implication most analyses miss.

Citing overcrowding and subsidence, Indonesia's reelected president plans to move the capital out of Jakarta.

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A radical Green New Deal is, at best, just the entry point to such wider, eco-revolutionary change, involving the self-mobilization of the population. If it does not spark an ecological revolution, its effect will be nil. How John Bellamy Foster, a pioneer of ecological Marxism, thinks about the Green New Deal.

Maine’s Mount Desert Island, hit hard by climate change, is aggressively enacting solutions—it's tripled its solar power in three years.

From the end of mall shopping to the transformative relevance of Venmo, trend-forecasting collective K-HOLE predicted our decade.

"Deeply wrongheaded": Stanford's coffers are full, yet it's chosen to cut funding to its respected university press.

The number of mobile phone subscriptions has surpassed the world's population—yet 1.1 billion people don't have electricity.

For 30-plus years, Marion Stokes taped TV broadcasts nonstop. The 71,000 cassettes may be the most complete archive of TV history.

English has one word for "play," where Finnish has many, and that difference is seen in the way public spaces are planned.

Listen: Beginning with “La Bamba,” session musician Carol Kaye played on more hits than you can name.

A video short of a dinner plate breaking and its shards expanding into space. Make sure to watch how it was made.

Nascent social media trend: Make a "treadmill" with liquid soap on a tiled floor, then slide on it, gripped with fear.

An excellent, extensive collection of food writing to stoke your appetite: "Welcome to the United States of Mexican Food."

Everyday items styled to look like science fiction spaceships.