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Thursday headlines: The grouse of representatives

The House of Representatives committee investigating the January 6 riot holds its first first public hearing tonight. / The Associated Press

A former president of ABC News is producing tonight's hearing "as if it were a blockbuster investigative special." (Unrelated? Newspapers can be woven into art.) / Axios, Colossal

The Supreme Court has 30 opinions to go in the final weeks of its controversial term. / Los Angeles Magazine

Russia's invasion of Ukraine may become one of the largest wars in history "if measured in terms of fatalities." / Twitter

College enrollment is down nearly 1.3 million students since spring 2020. / Forbes

Guangzhou, China had some 100,000 African residents in 2012, but under 5,000 in 2020. Some theories on where they've gone. / Africa Is a Country

See also: A massive archive of photographs, salvaged from a plant on the edge of Beijing, depicts "ordinary Chinese life." / Beijing Silvermine

Tires eclipse the tailpipe as a vehicle's biggest source of emissions—almost 2,000 times more particle pollution. / The Guardian

The amount needed to help communities with weather-related emergencies has increased by more than 800% over the past two decades. / CNN

In most cases, in the United States, the more urban your surroundings, the less danger you face. / Bloomberg City Lab

See also: Examples of "architectural gaslighting" by Thomas Heatherwick. / dezeen

A harrowing account of what it's like to be a bus driver in Denver as the city is roiled by fentanyl, homelessness, and mental illness. / The Washington Post

Couples therapist Terrence Real, whose clients include Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa, rails against "the toxic culture of individualism." / The New York Times Book Review

Unrelated/related: How to pose a problem in such a way that it contains its own answer. / Futility Closet

A book on early 20th-century Berlin reads "like a dress rehearsal, in starched collars, for modern Western queer life." / Public Domain Review

Eating grouse is popular with England's upper classes and practically no one else. / Vittles