Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: The mountains in the deserts (inside)

Beijing orders a $120 billion infrastructure push while China's economy slows. / China Macro Economy

The White House forges closer ties to Taiwan through trade and supply chains. / MarketWatch

A summary of recent progress on gun control that has—and hasn't—been made at various levels of government. / Wake Up to Politics

According to case counts, the United States is now in its fourth-biggest Covid surge. Experts believe the actual rate is much higher. / The Guardian

For many women, routine gynecological exams are extremely painful. Many patients don't even know pain management is an option. / The Cut

Psilocybin combined with therapy is emerging as a highly effective way to treat alcohol and drug addiction. / The New York Times

See also: "Power Trip," a podcast that looks into "the dark underbelly of psychedelic therapy." / Vox

A map of marijuana legality around the United States. / DISA

Nearly 70 percent of Gen Z prefers cannabis to alcohol. Ten percent used psilocybin in the past six months. / Bloomberg

A mini-doc shows what happens to music artists after they go viral on TikTok. Forty-six percent of a studied group received major label deals. / TMN

See also: Do you remember Sessions@AOL? / Public Announcement

An online game asks you to guess if an image was generated by a human or a machine. / This Image Does Not Exist

"Horse." "Raccoon." "Human." A list of the many mammals displaying homosexual behavior. / Wikipedia

An explainer on how to rescue enormous ships that are grounded or ablaze. / BBC Future

The history of a recovered watch tells the story of a pilot who flew covert missions for the CIA during the Cold War. / Hodinkee Magazine

A poem for some perspective as we move into summer: "The Mountains in the Desert" by Robert Creeley. / TMN