Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: The omelet bar cometh.

“They’re going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV.” In a new book by Michael Wolff, Steve Bannon says a 2016 meeting between Trump’s son and the Russians was “treasonous,” “unpatriotic,” “bad shit.”

Trump’s lawyer hits Bannon with a cease-and-desist letter for violating a non-disparagement agreement.

Here’s a long excerpt of the Wolff book everyone’s talking about. You should probably trust the general picture, not every anecdote.

Trump disbands his “voter fraud” commission.

Editor of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists says Trump's tweets about North Korea are "an existential threat."

“He’s going to unravel, and we are seeing the signs.” More than a dozen members of Congress were briefed privately in December on Trump’s mental health status.

Here’s a list of White House initiatives that were rolled out on the Fridays before New Year’s Eve to avoid much media coverage. FYI, the list doesn’t include the Russia-backed rise of #neverromney.

Xi Jinping's annual New Year’s greeting reveals what he's been reading lately (machine learning, military stuff).

How Iranian media are covering the protests and what this tells us about government involvement.

Each year, US cities give thousands of homeless people one-way airplane and bus tickets out of town.

A New York State Senator, who once hit a cyclist, pretends to be a cop to force a cyclist off the road.

If birds left tracks in the sky, what would they look like?

A new form of dementia therapy: sending patients back in time with old objects and music in a "memory room."

The Dutch have a cure for older people afraid of injuring themselves: classes on how to fall properly.

Executives cursed a lot more during conference calls in 2017 than in previous years—probably to gain credibility.

“If they have given you coffee, then there was an exchange, a quid pro quo, your time for their coffee, and since an exchange was made and your time wasn’t wasted they feel less need to buy.” Many, many answers to the question: should you accept the offer of a beverage during an important meeting?

Very important to us: the short list, judges, and Zombie poll are out for the 2018 Tournament of Books!

A Norwegian amateur photographer used a spy camera to capture life in the 1890s.

"Spalding Gray" is now a best-selling paint color from Sherwin Williams—the same color as a Weimaraner.

Already practically a speechless movie, here’s Dunkirk redone very well as a seven-minute silent film in black and white.