Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: The persuasion game.

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford testify today before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Multiple news outlets are streaming it live online.

The split between views of Democrats and Republicans on Kavanaugh’s nomination is even wider than the gulf on Trump’s border wall.

Today, he needs to have been “a good friend” to women to be approved to the Supreme Court. Back then, he needed approval from his buddies.

Almost 30 years ago,1,600 black women took out an ad to support Anita Hill. Men just did the same for Dr. Ford.

A New York Times op-ed from 1991 offers a time machine into that year’s thoughts about gender, race, and power.

Kavanaugh’s denial of his former mentor’s lurid misogyny now seems preposterous, or worse.

A man was jailed for slapping a woman under a new French law that aims to crack down on sexual harassment in public.

Photographer Hannah Price took portraits of men in Philadelphia right after they catcalled her on the street.

When Amazon streams Thursday Night Football this week, there's an option for all-female commentary.

Videos that make inflammatory claims succeed on YouTube thanks to an algorithm that prioritizes "watch time."

Trump spins the moment when he was laughed at by other leaders: they "weren't laughing at me, they were laughing with me."

Jane Fonda urges people to express “radical kinship” for Trump because his “behavior is the language of the wounded.”

The new presidential limousine is loaded with James Bond gimmicks. It also has a fridge full of Trump's blood type.

Almost half of Americans currently have a favorable view of the GOP. That's the highest mark since January 2011.

Nike's political spending goes more than three times toward Republicans compared to Democrats.

This Maison Margiela sneaker currently costs $1,645 at Nordstrom.

In a blow to Trump’s Department of the Interior, a federal judge puts Yellowstone’s grizzlies back on the endangered species list.

Scientists have built the first catalogue of "exposomes," or, what people are exposed to each day. For example, in San Francisco, a lot of sludge bacteria.

In 1962, mathematicians showed that stable marriages can always be found for any equal number of men and women.

EJ Hill, a black queer artist, spent all summer standing on a winner's podium in Los Angeles.

“The swim is beautiful, over a long period of time.” A list of inspiring explorers.

Video: A surprisingly cheery, resourceful diary entry from an off-roader whose Jeep suddenly caught fire.

The ability to remember every moment of your life... is something some people actually can do. It’s exhausting.