New Zealand's esteemed prime minister resigns at 42, saying basically she ran out of energy. / Quartz

The White House press corps is nearly in open revolt against press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. / Reliable Sources

The Treasury Department prepares to use "extraordinary measures" when the United States hits its debt ceiling. / Vox

Gabe Fleisher: If the country defaults on its debts for the first time, there's a chance for a global financial meltdown. / Wake Up to Politics

More than half of US workers are considering leaving their jobs this year. / CNBC

Microsoft plans to cut 10,000 jobs. Amazon will lay off 18,000. / CNN

Unrelated: Netflix will pay up to $385,000 for a flight attendant to staff its private jet. / BBC News

The Orient Express claims to be building the world's largest sailing ship, intending to launch it in 2026. / Orient Express

Researchers say we may soon see a new Norwegian island form in the Atlantic Ocean / Science Norway

Amsterdam plans to open an underwater garage for 7,000 bicycles. / The Guardian

David Ownby: We should read China's public intellectuals to get a sense of their internal debates. / Le Monde Diplomatique

Online pharmacies that sell abortion pills share sensitive data with Google and other third parties. / ProPublica

Experts in global health and development explain likely buzzwords for this year—e.g., "zero-dose children" and "tarmac to arm." / NPR

Scientists in the field of "food oral processing" say our saliva may influence which foods we prefer to eat. / Knowable Magazine

Some nineteenth-century paintings of butterflies. Some thoughts on North West as a TikTok horror auteur. / Flashbak, Gawker