Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: The science of living.

Extreme precipitation and flooding may be the new normal in the Great Lakes region due to climate change.

Along the Missouri River, one man controls a network of dams “that dictates the fate of millions of people.”

A new Amnesty International report says US air strikes in Somalia—ramped up and ongoing—are killing civilians.

Leaders of the EU will discuss delaying Brexit today, as May requested.

The promise and the failure of reparation in the 1860s “should animate a return to reparations now.”

For the Christchurch terrorist, dreams of being a cryptocurrency millionaire were probably just another cold joke. Bitcoin ideology is not a neo-Nazi ideology. But sometimes it needs repeating.

Within baseball, it's believed that Mike Trout is "vastly underpaid"—at $430 million—relative to his performance value.

"Custom cancer vaccines." "Robot dexterity." Bill Gates chooses 10 breakthrough technologies to improve the world.

The FDA approves the first-ever drug to treat postpartum depression.

A group of new city apps are good "for making yourself either more aware of your surroundings or just extremely paranoid."

A new gender-neutral voice for AI is based on two dozen people who identify as male, female, transgender, and non-binary.

Amazon removes some books publishing false information about vaccines. Civic responsibility or censorship?

Emily Post’s great-great-granddaughter publishes a book of “higher etiquette” for cannabis-related concerns.

Europe gets its first underwater restaurant, where guests eat alongside marine wildlife in the Norwegian Sea.

A recent favorite website, “Terrible Things Happening in Cold Places,” is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.