Headlines Edition

Thursday headlines: The ugliest buildings in the world

The world spent $1.1 trillion transitioning to clean power in 2022, the same as the amount spent producing gas and oil. / Bloomberg

Alissa Walker: We can't lithium-mine our way out of the climate crisis. / New York Magazine

A new report suggests the United States can have a zero-emissions future without a lithium-mining boom. / Grist

Last year only 12% of Afghan women told Gallup that females are treated "with respect and dignity." / The Economist

Murtaza Hussain: Turkey is perhaps one election away from slipping into "a personalist regime revolving around its leader." / The Intercept

A departing Tokyo correspondent says Japan is stuck and frightened. A counterargument says that's totally wrong. / BBC News, Noahpinion

Helen Branswell: Two new studies paint an encouraging picture of the updated Covid-19 vaccine's performance. / STAT

Why is inventing a vaccine for AIDS tougher than for Covid? Mostly, it's the rapid rate at which the AIDS virus mutates. / NPR

David Wallace-Wells: In December, as many as 500 patients per week were dying in Britain because of emergency room waits. / The New York Times

A start-up sells clothing that confuses AI cameras. / PetaPixel

A wearable bean-bag pillow means you can rest anywhere, anytime! / Spoon & Tamago

Cameras equipped with sound meters in New York City are issuing tickets to vehicles emitting illegal amounts of noise. / The Associated Press

New York is said to be filling up with "shoppy shops," boutique grocery stores that sell the same things—from the internet. / Grubstreet

Ten of the world's ugliest buildings, judged by language people use about them on Twitter. / Buildworld