Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: The universal.

The ICE raids that were postponed a few weeks ago are now scheduled to begin on Sunday.

Today's White House social media summit won't include anyone from Facebook or Twitter, but will have invitees from a site once popular with neo-nazis.

Photos from yesterday's ticker-tape parade for the US women's soccer team in New York City.

Defying a US trade threat, France announces it will move ahead with a digital tax on tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

Under President Xi—including his responses to Trump—China remains the world's top "deglobalizer."

A handful of geologists think California’s San Andreas Fault may be dying out, and all that unreleased seismic strain will need to go somewhere.

A storm in the Gulf of Mexico is getting stronger, and is expected to be the first hurricane to make landfall this year—possibly on Saturday in Louisiana.

"If you believe in universal health care, you believe in universal health care." California becomes the first state to offer subsidized health care to undocumented immigrants.

A country that goes from nondemocracy to democracy achieves 20% higher GDP per capita in the next 25 years than one that doesn't.

Suicides fall, criminals break the cycle, consumer spending rises, workers are more productive—when you raise the minimum wage.

A white man killed a black teenager who was listening to hip-hop, which made the murderer feel unsafe.

An unsolved mystery from the mountains around Los Angeles, where a man was “in the exact wrong place at the exact wrong time.”

Don’t worry about whether your work is too specific or if it doesn’t have ”universal” themes. Specificity matters, and many of the most memorable, impactful stories are about specific things. Artistic and publishing advice for queer kids of color.

Baseball's Jim Bouton, the pitcher and author whose Ball Four offered a memorable, often hilarious view inside Major League Baseball, has died.

China has widespread problems with hotel hygiene. Guests in Wuhan may soon be able to scan their bedding to see if it's clean.

Cars are sometimes rented in Japan not for driving, but private space—to nap, work, eat, watch TV, or eat lunch.

An art gallery inside Bethlem Royal, the world’s oldest psychiatric hospital, opens a new show about psychiatry, mescaline, and art.

Badgers lead the list of mammals reported as roadkill this year in Britain.